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Women MVPs.jpg

Women MVPs
Sophia Neely (55-59)
Pat Rupert (70+)
Pat Chalmers (60-64)
Jill Twiry (65-69)
Theresa Gibbons (40-49)

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Tournament Results

(winner in bold)


Group 1: Ages 40-59

Not just on Sunday vs Where Are We Going After This?

Hoops Fans vs Evanston Stragglers

Evanston Stragglers vs Where Are We Going After This

Hoops Fans vs Not Just On Sunday

Hoops Fans vs  Where Are We Going After This? 

Not Just on Sunday vs Evanston Stragglers

Age 40-49

Gold Medal: Hoop Fans 

MVP: Theresa Gibbons

Age 55-59

Gold Medal: Where Are We Going After This? 

Silver Medal: Evanston Stragglers 

Bronze Medal: Not Just on Sunday 

MVP: Sophia Neely (Evanston Stragglers)

Group 2: Ages 60-70+

Second City Storm vs Blue Thunder

Chicago Lake Shore Drive vs. Chicago North Stars

Chicago North Stars vs Blue Thunder

Second City Storm vs Chicago Lake Shore Drive

Blue Thunder vs Chicago Lake Shore Drive

Chicago North Stars vs Second City Storm

Age 60-64

Gold Medal: Blue Thunder 

MVP: Pat Chalmers

Age 65-69

Gold Medal: Second City Storm

Silver Medal: Chicago Lake Shore Drive

MVP: Jill Twiry (Second City Storm)

Age 70+

Gold Medal: Chicago North Stars

MVP: Pat Rupert


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